Multiple Income Builder FAQs, Contact Info, and Our Founder and Mission

What is Multiple Income Builder (MIB) Marketing System and What Does the MIB System Do?

Multiple Income Builder is a new automated online marketing system that provides
it's members with a ready-made done-for-you free system for earning a significant
income from your home, from a variety of different companies all at the same time.
In Other Words: MIB is a free downline builder that helps you earn extra income from
different worldwide home businesses simultaneously while you promote just 1 system

Can I Add Some of My Own Home-Based Businesses into the Multiple Income Builder System?

Yes, we allow all MIB members to add up to 12 of your own programs to our downline builder system.
In Other Words: If you have one or more home-based businesses that you're passionate about, and
want to promote and get greater exposure for, feel free to add your businesses into our MIB system.

Who's the Owner of Multiple Income Builder System and What is MIB System's Mission & Goal?

Alonzo Brown, Founder and CEO
Multiple Income Builder Marketing System

Alonzo Founded MIB on August 19th 2021 to Make a Difference in the Lives of People Worldwide

MIB's Mission: To Help People All Around The World Earn Full-Time Income From Home
MIB's Goal: Help 1 Million People Become Debt Free and Have Time & Financial Freedom
Alonzo's Vision: "I See MIB Helping YOU, and 1 Million Other People, Achieve Their Dream"

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